In compliance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data held by Private Parties published in the Federal Official Journal in July 5th, 2010 the following Privacy Notice is herein issued.

BANCO INVEX S.A., INSTITUCIÓN DE BANCA MÚLTIPLE, DIVISIÓN FIDUCIARIA, AS TRUSTEE OF TRUST 192 PUERTO LOS CABOS FONATUR (the Trust), with offices located in Km 119, del Libramiento-San José del Cabo-Aeropuerto San José del Cabo, Col. Fonatur, Baja California Sur C.P. 23400, México, is responsible for the proper use and protection of your Personal Information (as such term is defined below), therefore informs you that:

Your Personal Information will be used for the following purposes: to provide the products and services contracted with the Trust, to manage procedures submitted to governmental entities as well as particulars in relation to the products and services purchased by you, to notify any extrajudicial settlements as well as judicial notifications, payment collection, legal procedures and obligations derived from the legal and contractual relation between you and the Trust, in case of transferring or acquiring a real estate property, to open escrow accounts where funds for the sale/acquisition of the property or trust rights as well as for the creation and management of the trust that will acquire the property of the real estate, if applicable. Also, your Personal Information can be used to rate (grade) costumer service, quality, advice, commercialize, promote, bound and/or investment on our products and services.

For the purposes described above the Trust will collect personal information whether it is provided by you personally or threw its legal proxy, as well as information provided in any application form that filled on-line, e-mail or through our website, and/or any information obtained by any other source legally accepted.

In relation to the purposes previously mentioned, same that are associated with the product or service purchased by you, the following information (the Personal Information) is required:

Name, Middle Name and Last Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Nationality, School, Marital Status, Occupation, Work Place and Position, years of service and compensation, Home Address (Street, Number, City, County, Zip Code), Home Telephone Number, Fax Number, Mobile Number, E-mail address, Address in Mexico (if applicable) (Street, Number, City, County, Zip Code), RFC (Mexican Tax ID Number), CURP, Personal And Work References, Type of ID, Number of ID, Credit Report, Migratory Information and Signature.

Likewise, we are committed to handle your private information as well as your sensitive information under the most strictly security measures regarding administrative, technical or physical matters, guaranteeing its confidentiality throughout procedures and policies that forbid its illicit divulgation and restricting it´s use in favor of third parties, in accordance with articles 9° and 19 of the law in matter.

You are entitled at all times to access, consent, rectify, revoke, cancel, limit or object the use and divulgation of the personal information provided to the Trust, through the procedure that we have implemented, this requires you to submit your written petition or by an e-mail to jezeta@hoaplc.com, identifying the information to consent, rectify, revoke, cancel, limit or object, along with a copy of an official Photo Identification such as Passport or Driver’s license and in due case, the necessary documentation to prove legal representation. In a period no longer than 20 working days we will attend your petition and issue a written report acknowledging the request.

Also, we inform you that your personal information may be transferred and managed by third parties external from the Trust within the country and abroad to fulfill the purposes mentioned in herein as well as the ones that created the relation with the Trust. The external parties that receive the personal data, are required to bound to the same obligations and responsibilities established hereby.

Therefore, it shall be understood that you provide tacitly the consent for the Personal Information to be handled in accordance with the terms and conditions of this privacy notice.


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